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BVBA Policies

The BVBA is fortunate in that there have been relatively few complaints about the program and its participants, including players, parents, and coaching. In order to further show the Association’s resolve that our program be administered in a way that showcases the development of sportsmanship and a positive atmosphere, the BVBA has developed and approved a set of policies relating to the type of behavior we expect from our coaches and parents. The BVBA Policies describe the BVBA’s policies relating to those issues.

The BVBA asks all parents and coaches to review and be familiar with these policies and the procedures that are used to address them. 
We hope that the negative situations outlined in these policies are never exhibited in our program.   Inevitably, however, situations may arise where parents, players, coaches and umpires feel the need to file grievances or complaints to bring issues to the attention of the Association. 

To help address these situations, the BVBA has developed a complaint form that can be utilized when a participant feels there is an issue that needs to be brought to the Association’s attention.