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Tournament Rules - USSSA Bats Allowed in 2023


USSSA bats allowed at all BVBA Tournaments

13U - 17U Tournament Rules - 

9U - 12U BVBA Tournament Rules - 

8U Sunshine Foods Modified Machine Pitch Tournament

Bats and Equipment - 

  •  USA and USSSA stamped bats are allowed.  
  • Rubber cleats only. 

Pitching Rules - 

  • All at bats will start with the ball being pitched
  • Once four balls are called the COACH will be used to finish the at bat.  The pitcher will remain in the circle around the mound until the ball is hit.  Balls and strikes will be called by the umpire while the machine is being used.  
  • Strikeouts will be allowed with no walks.  If a batter is hit by pitch by the opposing team’s pitcher first base will be awarded.  The play will begin with either a batted ball or strikeout.  
  • A pitcher may pitch six innings in the tournament.  One pitch is considered an inning.  
  • A pitcher may only appear once per game.

Game Rules - 

  • All teams will roster bat.  This means if you have 12 players on your roster all 12 must be in the batting order at all times.  
  • NFHS rules apply.  Only nine defensive players are allowed in the field.
  • If a batted ball hits the machine the batter will be given a single and all baserunners will advance one base.  
  • Five run rule maximum per inning until the sixth inning.  No five run maximum in the 6th inning.  The 6th inning is open to score as many runs as possible. 
  • No stealing allowed including home plate.  We advise having a coach on the field to back-up the catcher up to speed up play.  
  • No leading off until the ball crosses home plate.  If a player leaves early, they will be warned.  After one warning has been issued the player will be called out on the 2nd violation.  
  • The batting team’s coach will load the machine for their team.  No defensive coaches will be allowed on the field.  
  • On a dropped third strike the batter is out.  
  • Slide rule is in effect.  If there is a play on a baserunner at any base and the runner doesn't slide the runner can be called out.  Umpire discretion will be used.  
  • Time limit - No new inning will start after 1:40 minutes.  The Championship game will be played in full.  Run rule limits will be in place.  Please check the 12u rules for run rule limits and tiebreaker procedures.  
  • To be eligible to play all players must be eight years old or younger on January 1st of the current year.  Example:  If Player A is nine years old on December 31, 2021, they are considered a nine-year-old for the 2022 season.  All players must be 8 years old on Jan 1, 2022.  Please carry birth certificates of each player.  These certificates will be used if a player's age is brought to our attention.  
  • No rosters need to be provided.    
  • Base length - 60'. Pitch rubber length - 46'.