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Sr Fall Ball

Regular Season 2018

Final Week of Fall Ball

Final week of Fall Ball:  We have a few changes.

Final Games: Our final Fall Ball game on Thursday 10/11 @ Harrisburg is now going to be our 16UA team.  Those that are on the 16U team and are not able to attend please let me know.  The Sr. Fall Ball Halloween scrimmage is cancelled.  I have something that has come up and I will be out of town.

Field Cleanup: Field cleanup is set for Saturday October 13th.  I would like the 16UA players to report to Aspen Park at 10:00am.  Coach Steemken and a BVBA Board member will be there to direct what needs to be done.  I would like all 18U players to report to Valley Springs at 10:00am.  Coach Hieb will be there to direct what all needs to be done.   Please bring a utility knife if you have one.  Parents and other teams players are all more than welcome to help.


Sr Fall Ball Roster

18U  (18 Players)

Frank Archer, Will Brown, Jaxon Warkenthien, Dylan Kirkeby, Alex Bute, Connor Knecht, Brad Skorczewski, Brayden Buthe, Hunter Marso, Dayne Peyton, Ethan Kjenstad, Braden Wills, Jaxon Haase, Cole Hupke,Michael Chevalier, Noah Bertsch, Josef Zahn, Dawson Skorczewski, Grant Peterson, Nick Hokenstad

16U-A (19 Players)

Caleb Zerr, Tanner Nifong, Thomas Crosby, Colin Simon, Landon Niehoff, Sam Olthoff, Cole Bunker, Jack Krohnke, Austin Reiter, Ty Brogden, Cole Borchardt, Konnor Peschel, Trey Sejnoha, Logan Kelling, Sam Sonju, Kale Nelson, Nate Meyers, Riley Miller, Nicholas Holthe

Fall Coaching Staff

Jeremy VanHeel,  Evan Steemken, Joel Sage,  Kelly Krzmarzick,  Ken Longman, Ryan Meyer (USF),  Mitchell Hoover (USF), Peyton Livingston (USF), and Luke Chevalier (MLB)

2018 Fall Baseball

2018 Fall Baseball Registration Open

Ages 15-18 on January 1, 2018

What is Fall Baseball?  Fall baseball is an opportunity to for our players to build on their technical skills during practice and gain tactical knowledge which will be used during our fall games.  The players will be involved in an experience that promotes sportsmanship, skill enhancement through instruction, teamwork, respect for the game, and love of baseball.

Practices: All Sr. League practices will be held at First National Bank Field in Aspen Park on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 4:00 to 5:30.

Acceleration Program:  All Sr. League players will be allowed to complete an off-season acceleration program.  This program will be held on Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 4:00 to 5:00.

Games: Sr. League will 6-8 league games and will be given a chance to play in extra tournaments.   Games will be played mostly on weekends with some mid-week games during the season. Sr. League will end the season with a final Halloween Scrimmage.

(Note: Any extra tournaments will be paid out of pocket by those who attend)

Expectations:  The players will be expected to be on time, work hard, be coachable, be positive, and be respectful. (Respect: the game, players, coaches, umpires, and equipment) The players will need to be properly equipped for practice and games.

The fall schedule is still to come.  All game and practice information will be posted on the website.

Recent Sr Fall Ball News

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