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Weather Safety

Weather Safety

The machine (located on top of the concession stand) detects the potential for lightning within a two mile radius of the complex (the key word here is potential, the machine doesn’t wait until lightning has actually occurred). 

The machine will sound a very loud horn blast if it detects the potential for lightning. When this occurs,all games and/or practices needs to be stopped and the city’s request is that everyone goes to their vehicle. 

A yellow light located on the machine will continue to flash after the horn blast until the machine determines that the potential for lightning has gone away. 

Once the machine determines the risk is gone, the light will stop flashing and the horn will sound three two second blasts. Only after this occurs can games / practice be restarted. 

The city has signs posted at the complex stating the above. This machine was installed for everyone's protection as the city has had many lightning strikes over the years in and around Aspen Park. 

NO GAME is worth the risk of someone being struck by lightning.