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Jr Fall Ball

Fall Ball 2019
2019 x Fall Ball

Junior Fall Ball Roster

8th Graders

Hallstrom, Sheppard, Padgett, Livingston, Olthoff, Feenstra, VanderHam, Adams, Anthony, Anthony, Roberts, Hass (12)

7th Graders

Tille, LaBrie, Ennis, Stotts, Jahraus, Miller, Smart, Taylor, Zerr (9)

What is BV Fall Ball?

2019 Jr. Fall Ball

Ages 12-14 on January 1, 2019

What is Fall Baseball?  Fall baseball is an opportunity to for our players to build on their technical skills during practice and gain tactical knowledge which will be used during our fall games.  The players will be involved in an experience that promotes sportsmanship, skill enhancement through instruction, teamwork, respect for the game, and love of baseball.

Practices: All Jr. League practices will be held at Legion Field in Valley Springs on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 5:30 to 7:00.

Games: Jr. Fall Ball will compete in team scrimmages and a few Fall League games. Games will be played mostly on weekends with some mid-week games during the season. 

*The purpose of Fall Ball is player development and not the number of games are played!

(Note: Any extra tournaments will be paid out of pocket by those who attend)

Expectations:  The players will be expected to be on time, work hard, be coachable, be positive, and be respectful. (Respect: the game, players, coaches, umpires, and equipment) The players will need to be properly equipped for practice and games.

The fall schedule is still to come.  All game and practice information will be posted on the website.

Any questions contact Coach VanHeel  Ph-605-520-0240 Email-

Fall Ball Coaching Staff

Jeremy VanHeel,  Evan Steemken, Joel Sage,  Kelly Krzmarzick,  Ken Longman, Ryan Meyer (USF),  Mitchell Hoover (USF), Peyton Livingston (USF), and Luke Chevalier (MLB)

Recent Jr Fall Ball News

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