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2021 Legion Baseball State Tournament a Great Success

08/03/2021, 7:00am CDT
By Chris Brown

The 2021 Legion Baseball State Tournament is in the books and from all accounts it was a great success.  

First to our volunteers.  You're the best!  We had so many compliments on the friendliness of our people and the job you did.  The BVBA would not have had any chance of pulling this off without your efforts.  The food was great. People loved the golf cart rides and we even didn't get complaints at the gate.  Thanks everyone for everything.  

To the fans. Thanks for showing up and spending your time in Brandon.  The crowds were awesome and created a great atmosphere for the players.  Each game as packed and the fans were into it.  

To Tyler Merrium.  Thank you for your efforts in the press box.  A true professional.  Your efforts allowed others to take on other jobs at the tournament to help it run smoothly.  

BVBA Board - A complete team effort.  Thank you everyone for everything you did to make our visitors feel right at home. 

Our local businesses - Thanks for all your help in pulling this off.  Many of us did not have experience in some of the areas we look on.  You were there to help us learn and master the skill.  All of the products for the 2021 tournament were purchased locally by the BVBA.  Thank you for your help!

City of Brandon and Valley Springs - Thank you for all your help improving both facilities.  Aspen Park looked great and Valley Springs was ready if a team needed the facility for practice.  Thank you. 

To the coaches, umpires and commissioners - We really enjoyed working with all of you.  Thanks for your hard work in making the tournament a great success. 

Until we do it again.  Thank you......

If you build it.  They will come!

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