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2021 DIBS Umpiring

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2021 DIBS Umpiring

  • EACH PLAYER IS EXPECTED TO VOLUNTEER TWO GAMES TO THE BVBA. After your two games are completed you will paid for your work at your current rate. On Monday the games for the following week will be listed. You can sign up for two games for the following week until noon on Wednesday. After noon Wednesday you can sign up for as many games as you like for the following week. PLEASE FOLLOW THE RULES. IF YOU SIGN UP FOR MORE THAN TWO GAMES YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM ALL GAMES. 1. Noon Monday the games open for the following week. 2. You're allowed to sign up for two games. 3. Noon on Wednesday if games remain open you may sign up for them. PLEASE CHECK YOUR GAME SCHEDULE BEFORE YOU SIGN UP FOR ANY GAMES!!!!


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